Comments of FiberTower in 24GHz Advanced Mobile Services NOI

Comments of FiberTower Spectrum Holdings LLC In the Matter of Use of Spectrum Bands Above 24GHz for Mobile Radio Service GN Docket No. 14-177

FiberTower applauds the Commission for opening this proceeding to examine the use of spectrum bands above 24 GHz for mobile radio services.  Permitting mobile uses of these bands is critical to driving research and development, and the resulting technological innovation, which will fuel the creation of Fifth Generation (“5G”) mobile services in the United States.  There are key roles for designated licensed and unlicensed spectrum blocks.  As discussed in detail below, global leadership in 5G has yet to be fully determined, and much is at stake for the regions seeking to win the 5G mantle.  The conditions optimizing industry leadership in advancing innovative, market-demanded solutions in the millimeter wave spectrum bands are known, and they involve encouraging significant investment, research and development, and real-world product launches.  

To foster and accelerate this innovation and investment by FiberTower and other industry-leading stakeholders, the Commission should (i) permit mobile services in the wide-area, exclusively licensed bands (in particular, the 24 GHz through 39 GHz bands) using as guidance the same power flux density limit and border coordination standards already in place for the ongoing fixed wireless service operations in those bands; and (ii) adopt a regulatory framework that provides the flexibility necessary to facilitate and accommodate future innovations, as well as the regulatory predictability necessary to encourage industry investment.  This includes instituting license renewal policies that recognize significant investments in research and development, and innovative solutions for making millimeter wave services and spectrum widely available on a market-demand basis.  By so doing, the Commission can accelerate innovation and investment in the millimeter wave spectrum, and ensure that the United States remains the global leader in the development of cutting-edge broadband that supports next-generation mobile services and the infrastructure undergirding such services.    


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