Reply Comments of FiberTower in 24GHz Advanced Mobile Service NOI

Reply Comments of FiberTower Spectrum Holdings LLC In the Matter of Use of Spectrum Bands Above 24GHz for Mobile Radio Service GN Docket No. 14-177

FiberTower Spectrum Holdings, LLC (“FiberTower”) appreciates the opportunity to submit reply comments in this important proceeding.  Initial comments filed by industry stakeholders and other interested parties reflect broad support for the Commission’s examination of the use of spectrum bands above 24 GHz for mobile radio services, while preserving and expanding existing fixed service deployments.  The next-generation mobile and fixed service initiatives are collaborative and inextricably intertwined.  For example, fixed service industry players have led the way in demonstrating that fixed service millimeter wave (“mmWave”) equipment can achieve broadband connectivity in both mobile and non-line-of-sight configurations.  By taking steps to permit mobile uses of these bands, the Commission has the opportunity to drive the critical investment, research and development, and innovation necessary to fuel the creation of Fifth Generation (“5G”) mobile services and meet the growing consumer demand for high-speed broadband.

Commenters agree with FiberTower that maintaining existing fixed wireless services – and providing existing and future wide-area mmWave licensees the ability to flexibly deploy fixed, portable, and mobile systems as market forces dictate (while observing border interference standards) – will be essential to enabling the successful development and deployment of advanced mobile solutions in the bands above 24 GHz.  Furthermore, development of existing fixed wireless technologies will be integral to expanding high-speed broadband service to currently underserved areas.  Accordingly, in addition to permitting mobile uses in bands above 24 GHz, it is essential to mobile development that the Commission adopt rules that protect, and encourage the further development of, existing fixed wireless technologies in these bands.  By so doing, the Commission will facilitate greater access to high-speed broadband services across the country, and ensure the U.S. remains a global leader in the development of next-generation mobile services in 5G and small cell markets.

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