FiberTower Builds Municipal Broadband Network System for Yuma County Colorado

Cities of Wray, Yuma, and Yuma County – Receive $250,000 in Broadband Network System Installation

Yuma County and the cities of Wray and Yuma were the recipients of a sizable donation of broadband installation from FiberTower Corporation last week.  In a phone call to Yuma County Economic Development Director, Darlene Carpio on March 4th, Joe Sandri, Senior Vice President of Regulatory and Government Affairs for FiberTower explained that his company is based in Washington D.C. and offers spectrum and fixed wireless broadband services for broadband connectivity to government buildings, tower and campus locations, as well as backhaul for public safety networks.  As part of their agreement with the FCC, FiberTower provides annual pro bono services in the states where they are licensed, including Colorado.

Because of the work done by the Yuma County Broadband Task Force, the successful elections to override Senate Bill 152 in Yuma County, and recent visibility in the political community, Joe felt that Yuma County may be a quality location for this year’s public service work.  Projects defined by the Task Force were discussed and installation of hardware began on March 9th.  In Wray, the donation included the equipment and installation to network Wray City Hall, Wray Library, Wray Aquatic Center, Wray Airport, Wray EMT Building, Wray Museum, and the Public Works Department along with the Yuma County Courthouse, Social Services Building, and County Road and Bridge Building.  In Yuma, City Hall, the Yuma Community Center, EMT Building, Police Department, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Yuma Community Swimming Pool facilities, and Public Works Building have all been upgraded and networked together.  Links were also installed at the Yuma County Fairgrounds and Yuma Armstrong Ball Fields so that wifi services may be offered in the future.   The estimated total value of the project is $250,000.  The FiberTower staff expressed appreciation for the city and county staffs’ cooperation and readiness in making the project a reality.

About FiberTower

FiberTower is a privately-held spectrum services, backhaul, and access services provider focused primarily on providing broadband and infrastructure solutions in the wireless carrier market, and research and development in the small cell, 4G, LTE and 5G sectors.  With its spectrum footprint in 24 GHz and 39 GHz bands and its extensive involvement in providing carrier-class point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, low-latency broadband products and services, FiberTower is considered to be the leader in millimeter wave and microwave technology solutions. FiberTower also provides spectrum, backhaul and access service to government and enterprise markets.

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Press Contact:
Christopher Naoum
FiberTower Corporation