FiberTower & National Science Foundation: Advanced Wireless Research Initiative

FiberTower is pleased to be part of the National Science Foundation-led Advanced Wireless Research Initiative.

"Four companies joining the effort announced the following new steps:

Anritsu will contribute microwave components, spectrum analysis tools, and equipment to support testing, measurement, and service assurance.

Crown Castle will support the testing platforms by providing network deployment and tower siting advice and space on wireless towers.

Ericsson will provide resources in the form of researchers, systems and technology expertise, software-defined networking and radio network engineering support, with a focus on spectrum flexibility, spectrum sharing, security, IoT, and advanced radio technologies.”

·FiberTower will contribute mmWave spectrum services in support of selected geographic regions."


About FiberTower

FiberTower owns exclusively licensed wide-area authorizations in the 24GHz and 39GHz bands, where it develops and deploys an array of industry-leading high capacity solutions for carriers, enterprises, municipalities and government. FiberTower has a long history of investment in new technologies in the 24GHz and 39GHz bands.